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About Me

I grew up in Berkshire County and spent about 10 years working and living in the Boston area, where I also attended graduate school to obtain my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. I have since been working in community mental health as both a therapist and supervisor but started my practice in order to have greater control over my own schedule and therefore more energy and individualized care to offer my clients. Really, to offer the best version of myself to you and my loved ones. 

It was within me to be a helper from an early age. Remember when all the kids in the class voted on superlatives? While others locked in categories like "Best at math" or "Best eyes", I was labeled "nicest" and "best listener." At the time, I didn't really know what this meant, nor did I realize I could utilize these qualities to build a career. Fortunately or unfortunately, aging brought with it more education focused on psychology and mental health, more books, more media, and of course more real world exposure to suffering and mental health challenges. Now, people describe me as genuine, compassionate, authentic, and "wise beyond [my] years." I pride myself in my transparency and ability to provide a safe, supportive space in which you will receive reflection, observation and applicable feedback about your life. 

When I'm not in the office, you might find me on a local walk or hike, relaxing at home or cooking and baking. I love exploring the beauty of the Berkshires with family, friends, and my exuberant dog. I also adore animals and believe they can play a significant role in increasing well-being and improving mental health. I would love to hear about the role animals have had in enriching your life.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me. I hope this is helpful for you in considering whether we might be a good fit.

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