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Helping People Live with Meaning and Authenticity


Now more than ever, many of us are doing our best to survive and get through each day. The thought of doing more than just surviving can be paralyzing. Perhaps you've been coping with anxiety or depression, daily stressors related to parenting and relationships, work related stress or trauma. Perhaps you are on a personal quest to identify what makes you feel alive in this world. Maybe you've spent years on the hamster wheel of diet culture and have a challenging relationship with your body. Therapy can be a great place to explore such challenges.

I take an eclectic approach to therapy and we will work together to find the path that best meets your needs. My goal is for you to feel at least some degree of control over your life, as if you're living life and not as if life is living you. I aim to empower you to connect to your self, your goals, and whatever barriers (internal or external) may be getting in the way of growth. My personal style is warm, interactive, authentic and with a bit of humor if that's comfortable for you. My training has been informed by the Attachment, Regulation and Competency framework (ARC), CBT, DBT, ACT and Motivational Interviewing approaches.

I take very specific approaches when it comes to challenges with your relationship to food, movement, and your body. I am pursuing certification in Intuitive Eating and am a Health at Every Size® (HAES) aligned, anti-diet, fat positive therapist who will encourage you to recognize the impact that diet culture has had on your life and to reclaim the time, money and energy it has taken from you. We may be a good fit if you are seeking to improve your relationship with food, body and movement and to develop a sense of peace, acceptance or freedom.

Please reach out if you think we might be a good fit. I am happy to have an initial conversation so that we can discuss your needs and the possibility of work together.

Please know that not all insurance plans will continue to cover telehealth. Appointments are currently taking place in person or via a secure and confidential telehealth platform. 


Please be aware that use of email or this form does not establish a therapist-client relationship. It is not recommended to send confidential or time-sensitive information through this form. If you are considering harming yourself or someone else or are in an immediate crisis, please call the Brien Center Crisis Team at 1-413-499-0412. For life threatening emergencies, call 911. 

420 Stockbridge Road, Suite 5
Great Barrington, MA 01230


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